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John Wolcott is a struggling father trying to connect his fatherless past with his life now as a father of two daughters.

TFJ #5 – A Beautiful Hell With Tattoo Artist Vincent Scully

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  Vincent Scully is a tattoo artist from New Jersey and a father to three boys. Vincent talks about the benefits of exercising compassion over anger and how psychedelics transformed his character. Related Links: Vincent Scully Twitter Vincent Scully Instagram Vincent Scully Tumblr Resources from the show: Siddhartha by Herman Hesse The War of Art by [...]

TFJ #4 – Former Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo Talks Fighting and Fatherhood

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In this episode of The father's Journey I talk to former muay thai champion Chris Romulo. Chris explores the similarities of fatherhood and fighting. He provides advice for fathers struggling with patience. And Chris talks about the 1 quality all fathers must have. Subscribe for more episodes at thefathersjourney.com Reach out on Twitter - twitter.com/thejohnwolcott [...]

TFJ #3 – Are We Our Children’s Threshold Guardians?

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  In this episode of The Father's Journey I explore the idea of the Threshold Guardian and whether or not in an attempt to protect our children we actually hinder their growth.

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