On this episode of The Father’s Journey I talk to Mike Ruel, an ex-musician turned pastor. That’s right—pastor. You might be wondering why I had a pastor on my show. Because if you’ve been listening since the beginning, or you’ve been following me on social media, you know how I feel about organized religion. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in talking to people involved in religion, especially if that person’s a father themselves. My concern for religion has always been that it doesn’t leave room for critical thinking. But as Mike reassured me, religion does leave room for critical thinking. As a father, Mike has taught his children to question the idea of God, so that they might find the meaning themselves. It was this that interested me most about having Mike on the show.

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“As Dads, the tendency is to provoke. The tendency is to exasperate. The tendency is maybe to expect so much out of our kids, that when they don’t live up to it, they feel like a disappointment. They feel like a failure. The tendency is for our kids to have to fight for our time so much, that they get the message that they’re a disappointment. That they’re not important to us. If I could just beg with fathers to embrace the message of what God has given us in Christ and the reconciliation that he offers. But to understand how we’re commanded to mature, not to provoke, not to exasperate. To build up, not to tear down.”
– Mike Ruel, Pastor